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A new and exciting range of children's clothing called SOMPIRE KIDS boldly promotes the motto "Brave Enough To Be Yourself." This is a brand established by South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

Our purpose is to ignite a spark of self-expression and fearlessness in the hearts of your young ones. We take immense pride in inspiring children to unfurl their wings and embrace their unique identities. Our mission is to create a world where they feel not only encouraged but also empowered to explore their multifaceted talents and dreams, breaking through any confines that may seek to restrain their aspirations.

"Sompire Kids are ones who believe they can conquer the world and are destined for greatness and success. Sompire Kids are kind, compassionate, loving, considerate, empathetic and they walk in light. When they enter a room they brighten the room either with humour or their aura. That is who they are. That is who we are!" - Somizi Mhlongo